Tips for beginners spinning

Tips for beginners spinning


Spinning is a great way to do aerobics but before you start exercising your spinning bike basics you should know the basics.

A spinning bike is a great tool to develop your aerobic capacity and strength. And whether you do it in a class at the gym or at home there are many ways to improve the experience of spinning. To begin, have the right clothes and accessories will make the exercise easier. As with many forms of exercise, especially aerobic exercise is very beneficial to use a heart rate monitor if your bike does not have one. It is also important to ensure that the body position is correct, your back should be straight and your arms do not, for example.

A water bottle is essential in training such as spinning, a towel and a gel seat are too. In water many bicycles are supported but if yours does not have it then about a bank or to have on hand base water. It is important to stay hydrated so you never away from your bottle in a spinning workout, even a good idea to start drinking water before training.

Then, given the nature of the exercise of spinning, which is usually a combination of a good pace, with hills, sprints and with different speeds, a towel to dry off the sweat of the brow is a must too.

As for the seat, that’s a complicated issue for beginners because this type of bicycle seat has a competitive style, which for many can be quite hard at first. That is why a gel seat for the first classes and then you can go regardless of progress is something that will help make the entire session without additional discomfort. Gel seats are very cheap and always good to have one. Just keep in mind that discomfort is part of the exercise but something will happen.

The position of your body is important because if it is correct you could injure unnecessarily but can also affect your resistance to exercise. Good posture makes sure that’ll last more ejercit andote that poor posture. When you stand on the bike the seat should be aligned with your hips. When sitting, the handlebars should be far enough to stretch the arms without locking the elbows. At all times you should have your body straight, when you feel the shoulders have to be back and your abdominal muscles firm and tight? The toes must be firmly attached but not enough to cut off circulation. While plant pedals keep your feet parallel to the ground.

When you take your first steps with the spinning do not overdo it. Instead try a stable and steady pace for thirty minutes three times a week for the first weeks of training. And when you begin to feel comfortable you can increase the speed and endurance, or both, and you can try to gradually increase the duration of the sessions. For more burning of calories and fat, once you feel comfortable with the exercise test the method of intermittent explosions is pedaling at a normal pace for a few minutes, then go for another few minutes an intense pace, and then at normal speed, and so …

Finally make sure to warm up at least five minutes and cool the same time not counting that time as exercise time. Besides enjoying the exercise, do so at your own pace, whenever you can progress and watch the results.

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