Importance to controlling weight gain while pregnant

Importance to controlling weight gain while pregnant

During pregnancy, a mother sued for not selfish. For nine months, ranging from what to eat and drink, to physical activity and body weight, greatly affect the child’s life. Not only when it was still in the womb, but also when the child was later born and develop into adults.

One study found that conditions in the womb when the mother was pregnant potentially affect the health of the child until he grows up. For example, one study found that women who drink alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk of the child she is carrying will be addicted to alcohol, even though the mother drank only once.

Other studies have shown a correlation between maternal nutrition during pregnancy with risk of overweight and suffering from diabetes to heart disease as the child grows into adulthood. Thus, during pregnancy, the mother must eat properly to prevent health problems in children.

There are two components to eating right for a mother is pregnant, namely :

Type of food consumed

How much weight gain occurs

For most women, pregnancy is the first event in a life where weight gain is a blessing. However, it is still gaining weight is no limit. In the first trimester, do not need to increase your calorie intake. However, after 12 weeks of pregnancy is over, you can add 300 calories per day.

Here are recommendations for weight gain is ideal :

If you have a normal weight at the start of pregnancy, the ideal weight is 11-14 kg, not more than 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg at 20 weeks of pregnancy. In the remainder of pregnancy, weight gain around one pound per week.

If you are overweight at the start of pregnancy, the ideal weight is 7 to 11 kg.

If you are obese, weight loss should only be increased no more than 7 pounds.

For women who are overweight, attempted to lose weight before pregnancy. Women who are overweight and decided to remain pregnant are at higher risk should undergo a cesarean section. Because women have more weight, at risk of developing gestational diabetes (diabetes that arises during pregnancy and the mother did not have diabetes before), high blood pressure, and miscarriage.

To the food problem, make sure your diet is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and light proteins. Do not get too much saturated fat mengasup (eg red meat and whole milk). Similarly, as little as possible processed foods. Maintain a diet during pregnancy.