A Guide to the Most Popular Methods to Stop Smoking

A Guide to the Most Popular Methods to Stop Smoking

There’s no shortage of methods to stop smoking. But are any of them for real? Here’s a look at a few popular approaches. You can decide for yourself if any of them will help you stop smoking for good.


Many people who decide to stop smoking give nicotine patches a try. This method allows you to gradually taper down the amount of nicotine that goes into your system. This helps to ease the symptoms of withdrawal once nicotine is gone from your system completely.

A new option in prescription drugs is the quit smoking pill known as Chantix. This medication causes the release of dopamine, a feel good chemical in your brain. The brain experiences the same effect as if nicotine were present in your bloodstream. Withdrawal symptoms become almost nonexistent with this treatment.

It’s important to note that using medications to help you stop smoking isn’t always the complete answer. That’s because it’s not just a chemical addiction you’re dealing with. Smoking is also psychologically addictive, which is equally difficult to deal with.

Cold Turkey

This is one of the most popular methods among people who decide to quit smoking. Essentially, it involves simply quitting, without any gradual tapering off or pharmaceutical assistance. Although it’s popular, it’s not necessarily the most successful method.

It’s all that nicotine that is contained in cigarettes that is so addictive to people who smoke. This is a highly addictive drug, and withdrawal symptoms appear when your body is no longer getting it. When you quit cold turkey, these symptoms are severe and will last for a couple of weeks or more.

The challenge is finding ways to distract yourself from these symptoms when they occur. Many people find this too difficult and eventually give in to their cravings.


This technique involves replacing smoking with some other activity or behavior. Some people pop a candy in their mouth or chew some gum whenever they feel the need for a smoke. Sometimes this will help to satisfy the oral fixation by giving your mouth something else to do.

Others have substituted certain activities such as exercise in place of smoking. When they crave a cigarette, they simply go for a run or get on an exercise bike.

Anyone who has ever been a smoker knows how difficult it is to kick the habit. And anyone who has been successful will probably tell you that it took several attempts to quit smoking for good. But it’s worth it to keep trying. After all, your life is on the line.

Smoking is an addiction that is hard to overcome, as any smoker will tell you. Some smokers try for years to quit and are still unsuccessful. Learn more about the techniques that will make you a success at Stop Smoking for Good.

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